About us and the way we work

easyNL (est. Eindhoven, 2007) is fully specialised in teaching Dutch as a second language (NT2) to highly skilled migrants and foreign knowledge workers.

It's our mission to teach you Dutch in an effective, efficient,  and affordable way through instructional and motivational books & materials. Through our long-standing experience and professional approach, we want to bring Dutch language proficiency within your reach.

Obviously the course materials which are used during the training play a major role in language acquisition. Because of its excellence and high quality, easyNL works with the four volume Contact!-nieuw: (Intertaal/Radboud University Nijmegen 2019), based on the newest scientific insights to learn Dutch as a second language.
Our trainers are multi-lingual, professional and experienced and they know how to take you to the next level of proficiency. The emphasis is on listening and speaking, while practicing every day Dutch and the highest frequency vocabulary and idiom. By learning through practice we aim for maximum exposure.

An independent, accredited test is offered at A2, B1 and B2 levels of proficiency. The results of these tests can be added to the easyNL certificate specifying the course contents, progress made and attendance.

From time to time easyNL organises extracurricular activities such as city trips, museum visits, film nights, social parties. This way our participants and staff meet in a different, informal way with a positive effect on cultural interest and social networking, making you feel at home.
easyNL is a recognised learning institution and is registered with the CRKBO. It is an official partner of the Holland Expat Center South, member of BVNT2 and BON.. Read here for our general terms  & conditions and complaints procedure.

easyNL: targeted, flexible and thorough

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