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Online group classes

Depending on the course level, online classes

consist of 15, 18 or 20 lessons, once a week from 7pm-9pm. This makes our courses very appropriate for workers with a fulltime job or busy diaries.


The course levels are based on the CEFR. An independent, accredited test is offered at the end of the courses at A1, A2, B1 and B2 level.

5 starting points in the year: at the beginning of Sep., Nov., Jan., Mar. and May but it is possible to join the course inbetween, provided you are at the required level. 


Group size maximum 15 people. Please contact easyNL for the next upcoming course of your choice and find out about our affordable prices. We will send you a full information packet.

beginners course

17 lessons, 7pm-9pm, (34 hrs°) from absolute beginner to A1 level


pre-intermediate course

17 lessons, 7pm-9pm (34 hrs) from A1 to A2 level

intermediate course

19 lessons, 7pm-9pm(38 hrs) from A2 to halfway B1 level

pre-advanced course

19 lessons, 7pm-9pm (38 hrs) from halfway B1 to B1 level

advanced courses from B1 to B2

3 times 15 lessons, 7pm-9pm (90 hours in total)

°Total study load (incl. lessons) is roughly double this amount of time.

Online Workshop
Video Conference
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